Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hari ni dpt gak caye abeskan tgk citer "Absolutely Boyfriend"...[actually dis is one of my japanese drama collection dat ive taken from c die hehe]
d story is about a gurl yg xpnah dpt cinta from a guy she always frustrated bcos when she likes a guy, guy plak xsuke kat diew...
Nk dpndekkan citernyer...

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) is an 11-episode TV series based on Yuu Watase's popular shojo manga. Izawa Riko (Aibu Saki) plays a naive young officegirl working in Asamoto, a big company that makes high-end desserts. Due to her naivete and lack of pretensions, she gets rejected by guys. Things start to get crazy when she purchases a test robot, Tenjo Night (Mocomichi Hayami) who is programmed to be her "ideal lover". However, Night soon starts to develop real emotions and Riko finds herself caught between Night and her boss, the carefree playboy, Asamoto Soshi (Mizushima Hiro) who has also started to like her innocent ways.

My advice to my frens... tgk ar citer ni.xwugi pn cuti2 ni dok mlepak kat umah..hehe[mghasut plak aku nih...] tp kna sdiakan tisu byk2 gak la [4 org yg emotional cm caye je lar heee]
I cried for most of the last episode and I couldn't stop even after
it was such a good drama and as always., I'm so sad it ended...
citerni sbnrnyer romantic comedies and science fiction....ckit2 jew part cdey..
Owwwhhh..luper plak
check out die pyer soundtrack ea..Okaeri by Ayaka..
it will get stuck in your head for days!