Sunday, August 2, 2009

SoMeTiMeS PeoPLe DoN'T eVeN TRY........


~Sometimes people don't even try to understand u~

Is that because he still love u...

Is that the reason he don't want to disappoint u

What it would be like to be in my shoes
What do u feel when someone knock u down


Should i give up??
Should i really give up??

But why it's took me soo hard?

Then why he promised me before?
I've been waiting for so long
Why he doesn't try to understand me??

"If i'm pretty, sexy, likes all his friend..mybe he would never give any excuses right??
Mybe he would do anything so that he can bring me along with them..
Maybe he wouldn't break his promises....dgn mudahnyer
Why?? Why im not pretty like them all??"
Is that the issue now ?__?
I just want to be his TRUE FRIEND


she really likes me....
she'd touched my frozen heart..
[she=the little one]


Is this dilemma or just a....simple word "making troubleSSS"

When i asked him whether should i give up, he don't even say
"yeah..u should"
Is that hard to be honest???
It's like "main tarik tali"
Means...he still want to think deeply about this....other word "he still need me"
but for what??????????

Why i like him??
Why i like everything about him??
Why i like to be his "FRIEND"?

Soo tired