Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LeGa...BuT aKaN aDe LaGi KaN??



Today’s pye debaran da ilang ckit

Td I’ve to introduced myself in front of the class

There’re about 40 students at that class

U knows how nervous I am hah??


The things yg I plan xjd pn

Last2 i talk about the things yg im no supposed to tell

At first i thought I want to tell everybody like this

“First of all , the basic thing that u guys should know about me is im just a little girl who have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 1 noise and on and on…”

Tp xtckp pn..huh

Btuahnye bdn nih…

Then I story la about what im into right now

Its sound like this

“Im soo into musics..i love musics so much..i love to sing too..Lately I like to heard the latest American Songs..i dun why I love their musics but it's more practical for me to facing up my stress n brighten my day bcos some of u know that im a bit moody person rght..”

Ntah..tu ke ayat aku td ea??

Mcm pelik jew

What more ea?

Haa…I told everyone yg "I love blogging.. I love to read other’s blog especially those blog yg written in English...but I dun really like to post a thing on my blog"

[btul ke akmar??bkn ko suke post things??haha..lntakla]

I told them that "Blogging give me a lot of benefits bcos blogging is one of the medium for us to observe other’s behaviors, attitudes n we can take other’s experiences as our guide in life…"

[xla sbijik cmni msa ckp td..huhu…]

Ape lg ea??

Owh..ok..i remember..

“just want to share something with u guys…there’s one program in Red.fm, on every Sunday to Friday at 10pm to 1 am..The program is call Late Night Love Song..It was hosted by Nisya..she’ll hook me up with the best love song ever..I dun know why I love the show..myb lately I’ve been emotionally unstable..huhu”

Ntah ape2 kn

Tula…saye pn plik gak ngan ape yg saye ckp tu

Lupe lg…yg ni mmg da rncang

“im a quote/saying collector..one of my favorite quote is Relationships are like glass..it’s better to leave them broken then try to hurt yourself putting it back 2gether..”

[Actually this is the quote yg the pilot tu suke..n die copy tu from my profile to die pye profile...]

Actually, the plan yg asal is like this

“Im Nurul Akmar binti Ahmad..most of my friends call me Ma..But for online use I prefer Yuyun bcos it was my childhood’s nickname..i dun even remember who gave that name for me..my Mak The mybe..im the eldest from 2 siblings…my brother is going to take UPSR this year…….bla…bla..bla”

Kira yg basics je la

Tp…da lec tu kta dun cite bnda2 cmtu…


Btw da settle 1 part

Huhu…xsuke la subject ni…

BEL 492-Presentation Skills

after dis mmg kna always speaking in front of the class..

Actually saye suke ckp…suke sgt nk duk dpan..

But nk wat cmne..nervous tu mnutup prasaan suke kn huhu

Lec tu comment yg saye ckp laju sgt..

Laju ke??phm ke budak2 dlm klas td about ape g saye ckp??..

peoples listen to my babling from d bginning till d end???impossible

Sia2 je klu xphm