Thursday, April 15, 2010



am i LOUD?


I am not LOUD

im just a human.

who makes mistakes.



if im heartless..

why do i feel the pain burning in me?

if i am loud..

why do i feel ashamed?

i can't act like you

i can't feel like you

i can't love like you

i am ME

i am not your doormat.

waiting for your door to open.

for me to come inside your heart.

i need answers.

i need


i just want you to see me the way i see you.

loving me is not enough.

i do mistakes,

yes,i do.

so,i need you to help me.

because i feel vulnerable.

i feel doubts in you.

do you really love me?

do you really want me?

do you really feel happy with me?

im a person who would give up my happiness for people.

expecially for you.

i want you to be happy.

with me.

i want you,

with me.

im afraid

that you leave me

im afraid

that you vanish cause of me

im afraid

that you don't love me

im afraid

that you are lying

i don't want to be hurt anymore.

i don't want the past haunting me anymore.

i don't want to be alone anymore.

is it me?

or you?

what are you going to say?

it's not working?

is it?

then why do you do it?

are you making me more obsessed to you?

because i am.

what's your answer?

still not thinking bout it?

leaving me dangling on a piece of thread?

you know i'll fall..

why don't you help?

i feel vulnerable..

i just need that 3 words..

is that hard?

it's not for me..

do you think it is because..

i love you more?

i just have to wait isn't it?

like a Mannequin.

wait for you to pull the strings..

waiting for the answers.

keep on waiting.


mUTe said...

Link baru blog aku....


Sila follow, kalo x.... erm. ape patut aku wat? hahahaha